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We developed and produce a unique collection of natural and organic skincare products made with sustainably-grown and wild-foraged medicinal plants and herbs grown right here on our Fallston, Maryland property. Each product is made with love in small batches and is carefully tested for safety and efficacy.
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals


Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals

Our Philosophy

Conventional skincare products, even many that are more "natural" than most, generally contain ingredients that, at best, do nothing for your skin, and at worst, harm your skin and put your general health at risk. Preservatives, stabilizers, coloring agents, chemical fragrances and other potentially harmful ingredients, as well as a lot of water, fill these products in order to make them easy to use, shelf-stable for years, and in forms and colors that we've become used to. Not only can many of these chemicals harm your skin, but they are absorbed into your bloodstream and can cause other health problems as well. 
Our 100% natural and organic skincare products contain nothing but ingredients that benefit the skin. They do require a bit of a shift in your skincare routine, don't look like the products you've used before, and require a bit of practice in order to perfect their use. But with this shift comes a myriad of benefits that not only free you from using harmful ingredients but are also more concentrated, leaving out the 70% water content of conventional creams and lotions which means you can use about 70% less product. They are made only from skin nourishing and healing herbs, natural cold-pressed oils, raw beeswax, vegetable glycerin, vitamin E, and other carefully chosen ingredients. All of the materials used in our skincare products have been scientifically proven to benefit the skin in different ways, helping to restore skin's elasticity, clarity, texture, health and vitality. These ingredients calm irritated skin that has suffered from the effects of years of harmful products, detox and desensitize your skin, and are kinder to our earth. 
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Deeply moisturizing facial balm with anti-inflammatory and skin-clearing herbs.


Calendula, plantain and violet rush nutrients that calm and desensitize facial skin that is in need of a rest. Witch hazel and white willow bark are clarifying herbs that help to clear up unhappy spots or occasional acne and slough off dead skin cells resulting in a dewy glow. All the oils used are easily absorbed by the skin, are very nutritious in their fatty acid profiles, and extremely moisturizing. Beeswax acts as a humectant and helps hold moisture in rather than allowing it to escape through the surface of the skin. Glycerin helps the oils emulsify with the water on your skin, aiding absorption, and also provides additional moisture. And finally, vitamin E helps both to prevent the oils from oxidizing and turning rancid, as well as providing additional moisturizing properties.

Ingredients: olive, jojoba, hemp, flax seed, sunflower and pumpkin seed oils infused with: calendula flower, plantain leaf and seed, violet leaf and flower, witch hazel leaf and white willow bark; raw beeswax, glycerin, and vitamin E

Directions: after cleansing, dry your hands while leaving your face wet. Scoop out a small amount of balm (about ⅓ of what you normally use of a commercial face cream) and with your fingertips, glide the balm over your face. Gently massage into your skin to emulsify the oils with the water for about one minute. Allow to air-dry. 



1 oz tin: $35




A cooling, soothing balm for sore

muscles and joints.


Comfrey and arnica have been used for centuries to reduce mild to moderate pain. These herbs penetrate the skin to ease muscle and joint pain. It is a perfect massage balm, working in tandem with the mechanical actions of massage, the movements of which aid in absorption. Essential oils of rosemary, spearmint, eucalyptus and tea tree combine to produce a cooling effect on the skin to provide immediate relief while the herbs penetrate the skin to the sore muscles, tendons and ligaments beneath.

Ingredients: olive oil infused with comfrey leaf and arnica flower; raw beeswax, vitamin E and essential oils of rosemary, spearmint, eucalyptus and tea tree


Directions: massage into skin over sore body parts. This balm can be used on either dry or wet skin.


1 oz tin: $25

Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals



Clarifying and moisturizing aromatherapeutic after-bath balm with soothing anti-inflammatory herbs.

The absorbent, nutritious oils rush moisture to dry skin, resulting in silky smooth skin and soft elbows and knees which tend to get dried up and scaly especially in the winter months. Lavender, rosemary and spearmint provide both aromatherapy benefits to calm and center, as well as anti-microbial actions that help reduce unwanted strains of microflora living on the skin. Lemon balm is a very nutritious and skin-calming herb that reduces inflammation and smoothes and clarifies skin. See under "face bace balm" for the properties of the ingredients that are identical.

Ingredients: hemp, olive, flaxseed, sweet almond and sunflower oils infused with: lavender flower, spearmint leaf, rosemary leaf, lemon balm leaf, plantain leaf and seed, and violet leaf and flower; raw beeswax, glycerin, vitamin E and essential oils of lavender, rosemary and spearmint

Directions: after bathing, leave your skin wet but dry your hands. Apply to the skin, scooping out small amounts and smoothing over skin one section at a time. Massage into skin vigorously to emulsify with the water and allow to air-dry (skin can be patted down gently with a towel if time does not allow for a full air-dry). 

2 oz tin: $45

Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals



A powerhouse of wild-foraged herbs known to reduce inflammation and the histamine response resulting in a soothing, itch-relieving  balm for irritated skin, bug bites, poison ivy and eczema.


Plantain, a common yard "weed," was used by native peoples as an anti-itching aid--it was chewed into a paste and applied to the inflamed area. Other wild-foraged medicinal herbs contribute to reducing inflammation, calming itching, and comforting unhappy skin. Lavender, spearmint and tea tree essential oils have antimicrobial properties that help to eliminate any bacteria or fungal infections if they are contributing to the problem. 

Ingredients: olive, hemp and flaxseed oils infused with: plantain leaf and seed, violet leaf and flower, deadnettle flower and chickweed flower; raw beeswax, vitamin E and essential oils of lavender, spearmint and tea tree

Directions: apply to any irritated skin on the body (do not use balms with essential oils on the face) and massage in. Especially effective on mosquito bites when applied as soon as possible after being bitten; useful for any unhappy, irritated or inflamed skin that is not an open cut or sore

1 oz tin: $30

a perfect blend of technology and magic

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We provide individual consultations in our apothecary-studio in Fallston, MD
We are happy to speak with our customers to develop an individualized skincare pack that addresses each person's specific skin issues. Consultation appointments can be either in-person or through Zoom/facetime (video is necessary to allow me to observe your skin). The $50 charge for the consultation will be applied to any products you choose to purchase.



Conventional creams and lotions are oil and water emulsified (or mixed) together. The oil moisturizes while the water encourages absorption so the oil won't just sit on your skin. Unfortunately, because they contain both oil and water, they require preservatives to prevent contamination by mold, bacteria and fungi. Chemical emulsifiers and thickeners are also added to stabilize the product and make it thicker and to ensure the ingredients don't separate. Coloring agents may be added to create that white color folks are used to. Lab-created fragrances are often added to mask the chemical smells or make the product smell "good," but many of these fragrances contain volitle organic compounds that diffuse into the air and are inhaled, which can cause negative reactions or disease. Many of these chemicals absorb into the bloodstream as well and have been shown to cause health problems including cancer. When you apply multiple scented and otherwise chemical-laden products to our skin (think about how many products you use in a day: deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, perfume, hair styling products, makeup, scrubs, masks, etc) the negative effects are layered and compounded. None of these ingredients are added to improve the health of your skin and hair, and instead can cause multiple problems. You can then be trapped in a never-ending cycle of applying more and more products, trying to counteract the effects of the chemicals in the products, never realizing that the products themselves are causing the problems. Over the years, your skin can become very unhappy: dull, red, sensitive, chapped, peeling, dry, or overly oily. Cutting all of these unhealthful products out of your skincare routine and replacing them with a smaller number of our chemical-free products will serve to improve the health and look of your skin, while decreasing the health-risks associated with the many harmful ingredients found in these conventional skincare products.


Our oil-based moisturizers do require a shift in your skincare routine. It may take a few minutes longer than you're used to but your skin will thank you! Apply a very small amount to the skin, gliding it over the area without trying to achieve full coverage at first. Use dry hands when touching a balm and avoid getting water in the container; oil droppers should be kept from touching anything. Using a gentle circular motion (for face) or a vigorous rubbing down for hands and body, work in the oil after applying. Be sure at this stage to achieve full coverage of the area but ensure that you aren't using too much product: just enough to provide a very thin layer over the entire area. Massaging the oil well into the skin will emulsify the oil and water, aiding absorption and mimicking the effect of a cream. If skin feels greasy after about 15 minutes, try using less next time. If skin feels tight, try using a bit more. Adjust until your skin feels deeply moisturized but not greasy. It may take your skin a bit of time to adjust, and if you like you can use our liquid facial oil as a "boost" to your current face cream and then slowly reduce the amount of cream until you are using only the oil.


Rose and Bel's balms contain nothing but ingredients that benefit the skin and are completely safe for your overall health. They do require a bit of a shift in your skincare routine, don't look like the products we've become used to, and need a bit of practice in order to get used to them and use them correctly. But with this shift comes a myriad of benefits that not only prevent us from using harmful chemicals but are also more concentrated, requiring about 70% less product. They are full of beneficial ingredients such as skin-calming herbs, natural cold-pressed oils, raw beeswax, vitamin E and vegetable glycerin. These ingredients have all been shown to improve the health and appearance of your skin without doing any harm to ourselves or the environment. Our balms can help calm sensitized skin that has been harmed by these chemicals over the years and prevent any further harm. We grow many of the herbs used in our balms ourselves (e.g. lavender, spearmint, yarrow, mullein, chamomile, calendula) and we wild-forage many other native medicinal plants (e.g. plantain, chickweed, violet, deadnettle). Many of these herbs have been used for thousands of years to benefit the skin and all the herbs we use have been shown to be safe and effective by scientific studies. We love the idea of merging ancient wisdom with scientific evidence! All herbs not harvested locally are of the highest quality and 100% organic. Other ingredients such as clay, vitamins C and E and glycerin are also sourced from reputable sources and are the highest quality available. Every single ingredient in all of our products provides one or more benefits to the skin, with no added fillers, colors, preservatives or stabilizers. Our products last about 3-5 times as long as creams or lotions because rather than filling our containers with up to 70% water, our products use the water already on your skin after cleansing. Remember not to towel the water off your skin before applying! Allow the skin to air dry if possible; if your routine does not allow the time for this step, you may gently pat skin dry (but we advise using your older towels for this as the oil may result in unpleasant-smelling towels--this may be remedied by adding a cup of vinegar and a couple tablespoons of baking soda to your wash). Facial products are always unscented, although they do have a light pleasant herbal scent. Body and hand products are available unscented or scented with our signature lavender, rosemary and spearmint essential oil blend.


Yes! We are always hard at work making new products. Some of the products currently in testing and nearing full-scale production (for some products, this means that the lables are in production--if you don't mind a hand-written label they can be sold at a small discount now) are: honey-sugar body scrubs, apple cider vinegar-based herbal hair rinses and toners, facial cleanser, scrubs and masks, and facial oils. Products in the early stage of development include DMSO-based pain relief gel, herbal bath teas and natural linen sprays. Products sold in the past that can still be made and sold include our signature aromatherapy hand sanitizer by special order. Contact us for further information and to be notified as these products become available.


We stand behind every product we make. Local customers can return to the apothecary to allow me to add additional ingredients to perfect the product for your skin, exchange for something else, or for a refund. Distance customers can contact us for personalized solutions. We recognize that everyone's skin is different and may react in different or unexpected ways and our goal is to help improve everyone's skin and health. We ask that you contact us as soon as possible if you are unhappy with your product; adjustments and refunds can only be made within two weeks of purchase and as long as at least 3/4 of the product remains.