Herbal Skincare Products



100% natural hand sanitizer, made from USA-grown and Maryland-distilled grain alcohol, vegetable glycerin, purified and boiled water and 100% pure and natural essential oils. Easier on the hands than commercial brands, our sanitizers feature essential oil blends that make for an uplifting, calming and centering experience. They meet the CDC and WHO requirements for virus-killing at 70% alcohol.



With essential oils:
lavender-spearmint (our signature blend)
citrus (grapefruit, orange and lime)


tea tree-spearmint

I will custom-mix any combination of the above essential oils.

$8 for a 2oz bottle

$10 for 3oz bottle


Anyone who orders at least two bottles will receive a free sample of our soothing hand salve (see details and ingredients below) that helps with the irritation and dryness we are all experiencing from washing and sanitizing so much, or one of my other skincare products to try. Local porch pickup in Fallston, MD; shipping is available in 48-state US . If you are a healthcare worker or first responder, ask about our discount. Discounts also available for orders of 6+ bottles.

100 % natural and organic oil-based moisturizers

Creams and lotions are oil and water emulsified (or mixed) together. Unfortunately, because they contain both water and oil, they require preservatives to prevent contamination by mold, fungi and bacteria. Chemical emulsifiers and thickeners are to stabilize the product, ensuring the ingredients don't separate. Lab-created fragrances are added to mask the smell of the other chemicals and to make the product smell "good." All of these chemicals do nothing for your skin, they just make the product slightly easier to use. You don't have to shake it, or massage it in for a minute, or take a few minutes to allow your skin to air-dry. With a small, mindful shift in your skincare routine and with the proper techniques, you can avoid using these chemicals altogether. We created our herb-infused, oil-based moisturizers with only ingredients that have a positive effect on your skin, and none of the ingredients that cause irritation or carry health risks. Our moisturizers contain no water, and thus no preservatives, and are applied to wet skin after cleansing. Apply a small amount (about one-third of what you would use for lotion, which is generally about 70% water). Use dry hands when touching a salve and try to get out all you will need in one swipe to avoid getting water in the container; oil droppers should be kept from touching anything. Using a gentle circular motion (for face) or a vigorous rubbing down for hands and body, work in the oil after applying. This will emulsify the oil and water, aiding absorption and mimicking the effect of a cream. If skin feels greasy after about 15 minutes, try using less next time. If skin feels tight, try using a bit more. Adjust until your skin feels deeply moisturized but not greasy.

We grow many of the herbs ourselves (e.g. lavender, spearmint, sage, yarrow) or wild-forage medicinal plants (e.g. plantain, dandelion); all other herbs are of the highest quality, fresh and 100% organic.

Our oil-based products last about 3x as long as creams or lotions because rather than filling our containers with up to 70% water, our products use the water already on your skin after cleansing. Remember not to towel the water off your skin before applying!

Facial products are always unscented, although they do have a light pleasant herbal scent. Body and hand products are available unscented or in the following essential oil options:


lavender-spearmint (our signature scent)



citrus (orange, pink grapefruit and lime)


tea tree-rosemary-spearmint

Custom blends also available.

Hand Balm

During the winter, or with lots of hand-washing, the delicate skin on the back of our hands can become very dry, irritated, red, and just generally unhappy. Our hand salve penetrates deeply, delivering soothing, calming and desensitizing organic herbs and oils to turn hands from old and busted to soft and fresh. 

Small 1/2 oz tin: $12

Medium 1 oz tin: $20

Large 2 oz tin: $35

Ingredients (100% organic): sunflower, coconut, sweet almond and hemp oils infused with: witch hazel leaf, comfrey root, ginger root, tumeric root, and fennel seeds; raw beeswax, vegetable glycerine, vitamin E.

Healing skin balm: Similar to our hand balm above, this balm can be used on any problematic skin (although not on the face, as it includes essential oils which I don't recommend for facial use) including hands, body and scalp. It has the same ingredients as the hand balm above, with added essential oils to treat extra unhappy skin: tea tree, rosemary and spearmint essential oils (same prices and sizes as hand balm).

Facial Oil

Body Sticks

Deeply moisturizing oil-and-beeswax-based stick to apply after bathing. Featuring our signature essential-oil blend of lavender and  spearmint, this stick glides on smooth and is perfect for nighttime after-bath application--you will wake up with super soft and supple skin. 

Ingredients (100% organic): hemp and sunflower oils infused with: lavender, spearmint, witch hazel leaf, comfrey root, ginger root, tumeric root, and fennel seeds: shea butter, raw beeswax, glycerin, vitamin E, and lavender & spearmint essential oils. 


Liquid oil in amber dropper bottles are great for facial use because they last much longer than the body sticks as you use such a small amount at a time. 

The liquid oils are a bit lighter, since they lack the beeswax in the sticks and are recommended for younger skin or use during the warmer months; use a bit more for the winter months and for older skin.

Ingredients: hemp and sweet almond oils infused with: frankinsense (resin from the boswellia tree and prized for it's nourishing and anti-aging properties), rosehips (perfect for smoothing aging skin), ginger root (anti-inflammatory to calm irritated skin), comfrey root (healing), white willow bark (to gently exfoliate with naturally-occurring beta-hydroxy acid, and witch hazel (good for clearing up angry spots); vitamin E oil (a natural anti-oxidant to prevent oils from going rancid, also great for deeply moisturizing dry skin and healing scars and pockmarks) and tea tree oil (a natural anti-microbial). 

2 oz bottle: $35

Custom oils addressing specific skin problems or needs can be made upon request. Just let me know what issues your skin is having and I will create a bespoke oil for you based on your needs.

$50 and up

Anti-inflammatory Tumeric-Lanolin facial balm: a calming, deeply moisturizing balm that hydrates, soothes and locks in moisture with raw beeswax and lanolin. Tumeric, ginger and green tea penetrate to deliver powerful anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to unhappy, dry skin. This balm was created for facial use but is great for dry, inflamed skin anywhere on the body. It makes skin incredibly soft, overnight.

Ingredients: (100% organic): hemp and coconut oils infused with: homegrown sage and yarrow, tumeric, ginger, fennel seeds, and green tea; lanolin, vitamin E, glycerin

Small 1/2 oz tin: $15

Medium 1 oz tin: $25

Large 2 oz tin: $45

Other herbal skincare products

Anti-aging exfoliating facial mask: an all-natural herbal/charcoal/clay facial mask to help tighten, soften, soothe and exfoliate aging or dry skin. It works both as a gentle exfoliant and as a clarifying, tightening and moisturizing face mask. Use 1-2x per week to keep face looking glowy.


Instructions for use: measure out about 1-2 teaspoons of powder into a small dish. Using a dropper or your clean hands, drip some hot water (hot tap water is fine; the heat will help to activate the herbs--think tea) into the powder and mix up a bit, adding more drops of hot water to form a paste similar to the consistency of a premixed mud mask. It will be a bit grainy and start to emit a pleasant herbaceous scent (that means the herbs are activated). Let it sit while you cleanse your face, and leave your skin wet. Apply the paste to your wet face, using gentle circular motions to exfoliate mechanically (the mask will also gently exfoliate with naturally-occurring beta-hydroxy acid in the white willow bark). Leave the mask on your skin for about 10 minutes, then rinse. Follow with one of our facial oils or balms.


I use it in the shower--I mix it first then bring in the container; after cleaning my face I apply the mask and then rinse off right before I get out. My mom likes to use it in her bath and let it dry before rinsing. It can be a bit messy due to the charcoal so be careful if you're using it outside the shower or tub.

100% natural ingredients (charcoal and clay aside, which are not living so cannot be organic, but they are pure and natural; everything else is organic; organic materials are finely ground): USA-sourced bentonite clay, oats, rosehips, yarrow, frankincense, tumeric, green tea, fennel seeds, comfrey, ginger, white willow, witch hazel, calendula, virgin activated charcoal made from coconut shells. 

Anti-blemish mask also available for troubled hormonal skin

2 oz tin: $35

Apple cider vinegar-based toners: 

Our toners are infused with herbs to treat skin conditions such as inflammation, redness, acne, or congested skin. They are designed to work with our facial masks: just add a bit of hot water to the mask powder first to activate the herbs then spray a couple spritzes of the toner to add the effect of a gentle alpha- and beta-hydroxy peel.

They can also be used on the face straight: don't spray directly onto the face as it might get into your eyes, instead, after cleansing and while skin is still wet, spray a couple spritzes into your hand and pat gently onto face, follow with one of our facial oils or balms and then allow to air dry.

They are also great for problem skin on the back or "bacne." Spray over the back before getting out of the shower and air dry.


ingredients: Organic apple cider vinegar (with "the mother") infused with: witch hazel leaf, white willow bark, and licorice root; water, tea tree oil. 

scalp treatment: herbal-infused apple cider vinegar-based for overly oily scalp and hair, and oil-based for dry, itchy scalps and brittle hair. Same ingredients as above but with added rosemary essential oil and extra tea tree oil. 

2 oz bottle: $30