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Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
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Please fill out the wedding inquiry form at the bottom of this page and we will let you know whether your date is available and if we believe we would be a good fit for you based on style, budget and other considerations. We will also provide you with an event minimum. This is NOT a firm price list for your specific florals as many factors play into how much pieces cost such as size, complexity and floral choices, but it will give you an idea of what to expect for cost.


Please fill out our inquiry form below. Or, if you would like to check if your date is available before filling out the form, use the "check my date" function above


We will get back to you as soon as we can, letting you know if your date is available and if our services line up with your needs in terms of style and budget


If we seem like a good fit, we will schedule a free consult to review your wedding design needs in detail and you will receive a proposal with exact pricing


If you would like to book with us, a deposit will be due upon signature of our contract. Final payment is due 6 weeks prior to your event


We will review your design in detail again six weeks out to make sure everything is exactly right, which may include a venue walk-through and design tweaks

Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals


Rose & Bel Herbals & Florals
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Our Policies

Our goal is to provide our couples with wedding florals that reflect their own personal style and mesh well with the other design elements of the wedding. We will always be 100% upfront with each couple with what we believe will best fulfill their vision. Couples are not expected to be flower experts! We work best with couples that tell us everything they can about what they envision and the style and feel they’re going for and then allow us creative freedom to interpret that vision with florals. We do not copy other florists’ designs or design in a “cookie cutter” manner. Our style of floristry aims for artistic integrity, and we won’t compromise our brand or artistic product. Couples are encouraged to provide inspiration photos as examples of the style they like but we will then use our own creativity and skill to create something completely unique and special. This involves a certain amount of trust. This is where it is important to read reviews of our work on past weddings and look carefully at the photos on our website and Instagram page to make sure our general style is in line with what you’re looking for. If your style is very different from the photos in our portfolio you are going to be better served finding a florist whose style is more reflective of your own. We have never had an unhappy couple and our goal is to maintain that track record! This is why we are so careful to be upfront about how we work and to make sure we are a great fit before the contract is signed.


Minimum for bespoke full service design: $2500

Minimum for pickup with color choices only: $500




  • Bridal bouquet: $275-350

  • Bridesmaid bouquets: $100-$150/each

  • Bouts: $20/each

  • Corsages: $35-45

  • Centerpieces: $100 and up 

  • Ceremony chair pomanders/floral attachments: $60-100

Arch decoration: $750 and up depending on size of arch and degree of coverage desired 


  • Simple copper arch

  • 24 inch Pilsner vases for elevated centerpieces 

  • Compotes and other vessels for low centerpieces 

  • Bud vases and other small vessels for cocktail tables or groupings 

  • Large urns 

  • Smaller urns 

  • Small lanterns for centerpieces

  • Large lanterns for ceremony decor

Use of our rentals will require us to return after the event to remove them which requires an extra fee at a minimum of $300




The deposit is non-refundable, to compensate us for the time spent on your event prior to finalization of design and purchase of materials. If you cancel within the six week period before the event, none of the payments can be refunded. In other words, once you make the payment for the deposit upon signature of the contract, it is non-refundable, and once you make the final payment six weeks out, it is non-refundable.


We don't do destination weddings and will travel only within about a 2 hour radius from Harford County.


We strive to provide the absolute best in both customer service and in our design quality. We use the freshest, most beautiful blooms available and will make recommondations based on our knowledge and experience to ensure that your designs meet our high standards. We believe in being 100% upfront about every aspect of our services and encourage you to ask us anything that you want to know. We work very hard to provide our couples with floral designs that not only make them happy and satisfied, but completely over-the-moon delighted. We create every event to be special and unique and to "wow" your quests with the creativity and beauty of our designs. And finally, we love getting to know our couples and matching our designs not only to the overall design aesthetic of your wedding but also to your personalities and particular characteristics. For example, we love using an element in our bridal bouquets that matches the bride's eye color! We also like to use one element that is placed only in the bride's bouquet and the groom's boutinniere. It is these little touches and attention to detail that will make your florals stand out and achieve a luxe, cohesive style. We believe that we can help you create a beautiful, memorable event that won't break the bank and we try our best to acheive the look you want while being mindful of costs. We tend toward a more minimalist aesthetic and while our florals are not cheap, they also aren't the extravagent, over-the-top pieces that overwhelm the space and crowd out the other elements. Flowers and bespoke design are expensive, and we want you to get the most bang for your buck as you can. We will advise you on how to achieve a beautiful, luxe feel without spending a huge and unnecessary amount of money. We will be completely upfront with you about how much your dream florals will cost and will work with you to bring costs down if necessary. Here at Rose and Bel we believe strongly in equality and are happy to accomodate same-sex weddings! We are welcoming and supportive of all love.


If you are looking for a traditional, cookie-cutter type florist, we are not the florist for you! We work in a freeform, natural, organic, garden-style of floral design, rather than the "roundy-moundy" tightly-packed designs of the past. We don't like to over-manipulate nature! Flowers are beautiful already and don't need to be forced into a form that is drastically different from their natural state. The best way to choose a florist is to look at their portfolio and decide whether the style and feel of their past work lines up with your desired look. This allows you to trust that your florist can execute the designs that you want. Since we don't copy other florists' work or make exact replicas of any of our own past work, a certain amount of trust is required. We haven't had an unhappy couple yet, and our goal is to keep our track record perfect. This may mean that we decide we are not a good fit for you and that you might be better served hiring a different florist, and that's okay! We will be upfront with you and explain where things don't line up and will treat all customers with respect and honesty--we will never ghost you, lie to you or pretend we aren't available. We don't expect our couples to be flower experts--that is our job! There are no dumb questions and no need to know exactly what you want your flowers to look like. You can request very specific flowers and elements, or you can give us a very general overall feel, color scheme and aesthetic and let us have complete creative control over the design. We do want our couples to know that we will not sacrifice our brand, artistic integrity or design aesthetic and we will be upfront with you about what that means as it relates to your event. Our commitment to a more natural approach includes more than just how the flowers look. It also means using flowers that are sourced from sustainable farms, and use local and American-grown product whenever possible. We grow many of our own flowers and foliage here on our property, where we use no pesticides or other harmful chemicals. We love to ground our weddings in time and space, meaning that we use seasonal, local elements that draw inspiration from nature. The less strain we can put on the environment, the better. We don't use any harmful materials in our designs such as floral foam, a fossil fuel by-product, and our mechanics are reusable and earth-friendly. All orgainc waste (stems, leaves, damaged flowers) is composted and returned to the earth to provide nourishent for the plants that come after it. We use natural, environmentally friendly pest control methods such as fencing, hand-picking of bugs, and our lovely ducks! Our commitment to natural beauty does not stop at our visual aesthetic, but extends to every aspect of our services. We love supporting our local flower farms and other local businesses to both save fuel (why ship flowers from halfway across the planet when the same blooms can be found in-state?) and put resources back into our community.


It might sound a bit harsh, but we only care about what our couples want. Granny, Aunt Bertha or Cousin Shirley might want to take over the design process, but we will be firm that our interest is in what our couple wants. We understand that sometimes another person will be paying for our services, but that does not change our approach. If another person is paying for your wedding florals, that's wonderful! What a generous gift. But that's what it is: a gift! It's not a license to interfere We will allow family or bridal party members to attend the consult, if the couple wishes, but after that point we will communicate only with one or both members of the couple. We want to ensure that we are providing our couples with what THEY want, not what anyone else wants. One or both members of the couple will be required to sign the contract, and no one else. We cannot try to please everyone so we choose to please our couples. We are happy to be "the bad guys" and politely yet firmly remind others that our goal is to design alongside our couples and only our couples, and to execute these designs at setup. We will not take direction from others at set-up and will stick firmly to the agreed-upon pieces and design.

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