Aromatherapy Bridal Bouquets

rosemary and sage combine to produce a heady, luscious scent that helps to center and calm
herbs for a bouquet

One of the optional special services we provide is an aromatherpeutic bridal bouquet. Many of not most brides struggle with feeling anxious and stressed on their wedding day. On a day that you have looked forward to and want to experience fully in the moment, it can be hard to feel grounded and calm, which sometimes results in a feeling of being disconnected or even slightly disembodied. No bride wants to have her big day speed by without really being able to actually experience it, almost as if she is watching the wedding take place from outside of herself. At the end of the night it is common to think, what just happened? Is it all over? I can’t even remember what happened! One way to help combat these feelings is to carry a bouquet that not only contains beautiful blooms, but specially chosen aromatherapeutic herbs. Many of the herbs we grow here at Rose and Bel have calming and centering properties and are grown alongside our flowers specifically for this use. Being able to bury your face in a bouquet with lavender, rosemary, sage, and other herbs can help you feel connected and relaxed rather than scattered and stressed. These plants are also beautiful, adding to the overall look of the bouquet as well. One of my favorite things to do as both a florist and an herbalist is to blur the lines and use herbs in my flowers and flowers in my herbal preparations. There is no big black line separating floral and herbal work and so I view the two aspects of my business as integrated rather than separate. So smear some flowers on your face (many of our skincare products contain flowers such as violet and rose) and stick some herbs in your floral designs! Photo: aliciawileyphotography.